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1. Scope
This document contains the guidance and procedures that Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club (RLTC) has introduced to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act. It contains:

    • RLTC’s Health and Policy Statement (Appendix 1).
    • The organisation for Health and Safety Management at RLTC.
    • A Risk Register which identifies a wide range of hazards associated with the activities of RLTC (Appendix 2).
    • Risk Assessments for the hazards identified in the Risk Register (Appendix 3).

Guidance for dealing with Emergencies and on First Aid is set out in the Accident & Emergency Procedure.

2. Organisation for Health and Safety
The ultimate responsibility for health and safety lies with the Management Committee. Moira Henderson is responsible the preparation/review of Risk Assessments. The person designated as the Health and Safety Officer is Gareth Ware in his role as Grounds Convenor, the logic being he is known to be the point of contact with repairs/ issues with Club property.

A Health and Safety Folder (Blue) containing all necessary procedures and documents will be produced and available in each Clubhouse. Included will be

    • The HTC Health and Safety policy statement signed by the Club Chairman.
    • The organisation for managing safety at the club.
    • The Risk Register and Risk Assessments.
    • A Code of Conduct which sets out the standards by which the club will expect its members, their guests and members of the public to adhere to.
    • Procedures/Guidance on:
  • Electrical equipment.
  • Emergency guidance and procedures
  • Accident/Incident reporting form
  • First aid guidance and accident log
  • The Code of Conduct – Seniors and Juniors
  • A Maintenance Register be produced which will act as a log of all maintenance work carried out.
  • Any other appropriate document or procedure.

3. Risk Assessment Policy

Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club will carry out an annual risk assessment of both facilities  with a view of highlighting potential hazards and taking the appropriate action wherever necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for reporting to the Management Committee on such issues.  If a member/user wished to report a hazard or potential hazard, contact him.

Equipment and site maintenance will be an item on the agenda for each Committee meeting. Any issues are raised and the appropriate action taken; all details will be listed in the minutes.

Risk assessments will include the following for consideration:

    • Are surroundings safe and free from obstacles?
    • Are the courts and any other area fit and appropriate for activity?
    • Is the equipment fit and sound for activity and suitable for age group/ability?
    • Are contact details available for parents/guardians/partners?
    • Are players appropriately attired for the activity?
    • Is a working telephone available with access to emergency numbers?
    • Do volunteers, staff, coaches and members have access to information relating to health and safety?
    • Are emergency procedures published and accessible?

4. Review
This document will be reviewed annually.

Appendix 1

  1. Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club is committed to maximising the safety and welfare of all its members including visitors, guests and members of the public.
  2. The Committee is responsibility for Health & Safety.
  3. On an operational level, the Grounds Keeper is responsible for Health and Safety on a day to day basis. The annual review will be carried out by the Club Secretary.
  4. All members are required to comply with this policy.
  5. In the case of an accident or an incident that could have led to an accident, members are required to inform the Health & Safety Officer or a member of the Committee.
  6. HTC and its Committee are committed to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and will:
    • Discuss Health & Safety at every committee meeting.
    • Appoint a Health & Safety officer
    • Ensure that the playing, social and working environment at the club is safe and free from reasonable risk.
    • Provide appropriate First Aid equipment and notices.
  7. The Club will produce and maintain:
    • A Risk Register which identifies all hazards associated with club activities
    • A Risk Assessment for each hazard identified in the Risk Register.
Issue Number One
Signed by Gareth Ellor


Date 21st March 2019
21-23 Viewpark Drive, Burnside, Glasgow. G73 3QE
Burnside Road, Burnside, Glasgow G73 4RB

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