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At Rutherglen Lawn Tennis Club we’re not big fans of formal rules. However, with our courts becoming busier as a result of our continued growth and success, we would be grateful if members followed the guidance below to provide a positive, friendly environment where everyone gets a chance to play and have fun:

  1. Juniors (Under 18) get priority on Courts 3, 4 and 7 (rear two “Viewpark” Courts and “Burnside” Court furthest from Clubhouse);
    • Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm.
    • Saturday & Sunday 1pm onwards.
  2. At all other times juniors are free to play on any court, but must vacate the court if adults are waiting to play.
  3. Players must vacate their court after 30 minutes play if other members are waiting to play.
  4. Every effort should be made to play doubles at busy times.
  5. Club Championship ties are exempt from the above “rules”. Players playing Club Championship ties should use the scoreboards provided at both venues to indicate that they are playing a competitive match.
  6. Wherever possible, Junior Club Championship ties should be scheduled such that they can be played entirely within junior hours. However, it is accepted that due to the nature of match play, matches may over-run into adult time. As a club we are very much committed to providing a positive, sporting club championship experience for all.
  7. Members should consult our onlinediary which shows, at a glance, when the courts are being used for matches, events etc. This will allow you to arrange your games/practice to avoid busy times, if possible and convenient to do so.
  8. League and Cup matches take precedence over Club Championship ties and all other games.
  9. Only cross a court at a break in play; i.e. not during a rally, point etc.
  10. Please cross a court by walking quickly and quietly around the outside.
  11. If one of your balls strays onto a neighbouring court, please wait until there is a break in play before asking to retrieve (do not cross onto that court during play).
  12. If a ball from a neighbouring court strays onto your court, please wait until there is a break in play before returning ball (do not return it when play is in progress).
  13. Politeness and mutual respect should be shown to fellow club members at all times.

Supplementary Guidance On Use Of Courts During Matches

We are very proud to field a number of junior and senior teams in various competitions organised by Tennis Scotland. These competitions run throughout the year and utilise either 2, 3 or 4 courts. Whilst competitive team play is a central part of club life, it does restrict the availability of courts for club players, particularly during May and June. Whilst many clubs close their courts during matches, we wish to maximise playing opportunities for our members. As such, we encourage adult members and experienced juniors to use ‘spare’ courts during matches, provided they adhere to the following additional rules and points of etiquette to those raised above;

  1. Please access back Viewpark Courts (Courts 3 and 4) through the Clubhouse.
  2. Please access a spare court at Burnside via its dedicated court gate.
  3. Only cross a match court when team players are changing ends.
  4. Please show courtesy to team players by not making excessive noise.
  5. Please don’t use Practice Wall at Viewpark Courts whilst match is in progress.

By adhering to these simple rules and points of etiquette, members can enjoy the use of the courts without impacting on the match in progress.

Supplementary Points for Burnside Courts

  1. The following additional guidance is provided to allow us to retrieve any tennis balls which stray over the fencing onto the adjacent bowling green and help ensure a long and harmonious relationship with our new neighbours:
    • If there are bowlers on the green please wait until they have bowled then ask them politely to retrieve and return the ball.
    • If there are no bowler’s present, access the green via the stairs at each corner and walk to retrieve the ball – you can access the Bowling Club Area via the inter-connecting gate located at the end of the Bowling Clubhouse.
    • Please do not step-down onto the Bowling Green from the banking or walk on the green if wearing shoes with heels, to avoid potential damage to the green.
    • Please do not run or kick the ball on the green.
    • Politeness and mutual respect should be shown to Burnside Bowling Club members at all times.
  2. Out of courtesy to your fellow members, and to ensure we maintain our artificial clay courts in tip-top condition, please brush the courts using the drag-mats provided after every use. Please contact any member of our Coaching Team if you want any advice and guidance on how to do this.
  3. We are very proud to provide wheelchair access throughout our Burnside facility. However, there is insufficient space to allow wheelchair users to move around the net on the centre court (Court 6). They can cross the courts at either end. Given this restriction, wheelchair users have priority on Courts 5 and 7. Also, players using Courts 5 and 7 should be mindful of wheelchair users looking to access the clubhouse area by crossing courts and should allow them to safely move around the ends of the courts.

Use of Burnside Bowling Club Bar & Hall:

We are delighted that as part of our lease agreement for the Burnside Courts, we have access to the Burnside Bowling Club bar and hall. While the bar is by law for those 18 years and older, the hall can be used by younger visitors, under adult supervision, until 7pm.

Please note that our own clubhouses is not licensed, though members are permitted to consume alcohol in our grounds; decking area, terrace etc.

21-23 Viewpark Drive, Burnside, Glasgow. G73 3QE
Burnside Road, Burnside, Glasgow G73 4RB

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