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We had a quite wonderful Club Championship weekend last week, with great tennis and camaraderie over both days. You can find details of all of the winners and runners up on the site, along with some photos of the participants (thanks to Tony Young for stepping in at the last minute as photographer on the Sunday). 

As is customary, some other thanks are due.

Graeme Bodys has done a fantastic job working alongside me over the past 5 or 6 weeks keeping everything up to date on the site and keeping everyone informed – I am even inclined to forgive #leakgate due to all these efforts!

We had nigh on 50 young people at last Saturday’s junior finals and thanks are due to the coaching team for keeping everything moving along perfectly and, especially, to the parent volunteers who played a big part in the red ball especially.

Sunday was characterised by the usual wonderful baking so thanks to all the bakers that contributed (#GRLTCBO) and everyone that donated other items. The chocolate and Guinness cake will live long in the memory (and probably the stomach).

Club Secretary Moira Henderson had the onerous (and ongoing task) of gathering in the trophies and organising all the medals. She did her usual brilliant job overcoming many obstacles along the way.

Finally, thank you to each and every one of you that took part in the club championships in whatever capacity. It is a unique part of the club calendar that brings players of many levels together and we will all be looking at how we can improve it further for next year. Your feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated so feel free to text me on 07846 270104 or email at

Until the next time….. 

Eddy Graham

RLTC Club Championships Organiser 2019

Ladies Singles

Winner: Rebecca Bonomi
Runner Up: Esther Dingwall

Ladies Doubles

Winner: Rebecca Bonomi and Susan Crick
Runner Up: Leanne Kerr and Lorraine Wall

Ladies Improvers

Winner: Niamh Devlin
Runner Up: Lesley Craig

Gents Singles

Winner: Ross Young
Runner Up: Andrew Allan

Gents Doubles

Winner: Sean Agnew and Mike Paterson
Runner Up: Stuart Lamont and Tom Watson

Gents Improvers

Winner: Graeme Bodys
Runner Up: Pete Gilpin

Gents Vets

Winner: Peter Stewart
Runner Up: Stuart Lamont

Boys U18

Winner: Ross Young
Runner Up: Craig Miller

Mixed Doubles

Winner: Lorraine Wall and Don MacGregor
Runner Up: Rebecca Bonomi and Dan Maroni

Under 10 Mini Green Ball

Winner: Nathan Crick
Runner Up: Ruairi Arthur

Under 9 Mini Orange Ball

Winner: Rhys Sibbald
Runner Up: Jamie Decuyper

Under 8 Mini Red Ball

Winner: Fraser Findlay
Runner Up: Sam Lees
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