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As a club we recognise that the opportunity to enjoy some tennis, get some fresh-air and exercise and maintain companionship will be hugely important in keeping spirits up over what is likely to be a very bleak period. We therefore want to do everything we can to maintain as many possible opportunities for all. However, we need to act responsibly and comply with public health guidance and, as we’ve all seen, there has been a rapid and dramatic escalation in measures to restrict the spread of the virus over the last few days. In response to this, Tennis Scotland have just issued a statement announcing that they are cancelling all organised activities and recommending that all clubs do the same.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that the Committee has taken the decision to cancel all organised activities within the club with immediate effect and until further notice. This covers all coaching programme classes/sessions, informal tennis sessions (e.g. team practice, biscuit challenge and Monday/Wednesday ladies morning) and all official club events (Monthly Club Night, Open Day, Schools Festival, Social Events etc.).

Our courts at Viewpark and Burnside remain open for members to use at their discretion, with everyone strongly advised to maintain physical distancing with other members and hand sanitise before and after play, contact with gate keypads, gate handles, net winders etc.

The Clubhouses at both venues will be closed until further notice.

We will review public health guidance as it continues to evolve and will work hard to return the club to normal as quickly as we safely can, including exploring creative ways of facilitating safe use by groups within the current restrictions. We’re very keen to work with other clubs to try and find practical and safe solutions to allow us to provide more opportunities for play and will be progressing this over the coming days.

This has not been an easy decision for us to take given our passion and energy for tennis, but we believe it is right and appropriate in the current climate. We share your frustrations and concerns and sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. Yes, tennis is important, but the health of our loved ones is paramount.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation evolves and we’ll do our very best to get you all back playing tennis through organised activities as quickly as we safely can. In the meantime, please stay safe and look after each other.

As always, any questions, queries, feedback etc. please get in touch.

21-23 Viewpark Drive, Burnside, Glasgow. G73 3QE
Burnside Road, Burnside, Glasgow G73 4RB

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