NewsCOVID-19 Jan 6th Update


Good news! When our courts do finally defrost, we can continue to enjoy some tennis during the heightened COVID-19 restrictions recently announced by Scottish Government.

Tennis Scotland have just published their latest guidance which allows us to remain open.

However, play is limited to singles.

Doubles is only permitted if all players on court are from the same household or extended household.

All members must continue to use the ClubSpark court booking system for all play – they should not come to the club speculatively. Also, please remember that the person booking the court must be one of the players.

With play restricted to singles, we expect the courts to be busy, so to be fair to everyone, we have reduced the number of bookings an individual can make within a rolling 7-day period from 4 to 3. You will recall that this was the arrangement when we re-opened after the first lockdown when only singles was permitted and this worked well. We will monitor things closely and adjust as appropriate. Our objective here is to give everyone a chance to enjoy some tennis at a time that suits them whilst keeping everyone safe. It’s within this spirit that we politely ask that members restrict themselves to one session per day.

Adult coaching will not be allowed to continue. Our Coaching Team will, however, be permitted to deliver one-to-one sessions. Jonny will be in touch with you all separately regarding junior coaching.

Toilets at both facilities will remain open.

Whilst the new lockdown restrictions will severely limit opportunities to play, we very much welcome the privilege to remain open allowing everyone to get some exercise and have some fun on court, as opposed to the original lockdown where we had to close the club. Clearly this opportunity has been afforded to us on the basis that we observe all wider public health guidance and behave sensibly and appropriately. We look forward to your full cooperation and support in providing a safe opportunity for all our members to enjoy all the benefits tennis brings in what will be a bleak period.

Finally, please remember that the club is always here for you so if you need any help do get in touch.

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